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Vox Media's Polygon now live on dedicated website

Polygon, formerly known as Vox Games and The Verge's Gaming section, is now live on its very own domain.

The website, which has been the subject of much scrutiny thanks to a long development period and even a dedicated documentary series, employs impressive auto-scaling technology, potentially eliminating the need for a dedicated mobile version, and demonstrates a continuance of the magazine-like aesthetic seen on The Verge for the last few months.

In an introductory post, editor-in-chief Chris Grant said the platform will continue to evolve.

"This isn't the end state for us; instead, it's just the beginning," he wrote.

"Everything we've done so far has been to build a solid foundation: The hiring, the writing, the videos, the website itself. Now, with that foundation, we're ready to share it all with you and start building up. At Vox Media, we don't think of websites as static repositories but rather as evolving, iterative platforms. Polygon is software and it's built to be updated. We want your feedback on what's here today, and we want to know where you'd like to see us invest."

Polygon's crew is made up of veterans from pre-existing sites and outlets, including former Kotaku editor Brian Crecente; ex-Joystiq staffers Arthur Gies, Griffin McElroy and Justin McElroy; one-time MTV Multiplayer editor Russ Frushtick; Russ Pitts of Escapist fame; and erstwhile UGO games editor Chris Plante, to name just a few.

Congratulations to the Polygon team, and best of luck with the new tech over the coming weeks.

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