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Virgin Gaming update extends cash tournaments to new territories

The Xbox Tournament App powered by Virgin Gaming is now available in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and Norway and offers even more way to win money by gaming.

The app launched in April in Canada, the UK and the US, and has already paid out nearly $100,000 in prizes through free tournaments. Now available in several more territories, it's also introduced a new way to earn money - by buying into challenges against other members. It's all a bit vague in the press release, but it seems like your entry fee is essentially a bet that you'll win.

This new kind of event, called a cash challenge, is currently restricted to FIFA 13. Otherwise, the Xbox 360 exclusive app supports Madden NFL 13, NHL 13, NBA 2K13 and FarCry 3.

To celebrate all this, Virgin Gaming is hosting a competition to win a $15,000 Ultimate Gaming Lounge, including a 55” Television, surround sound system and a Foosball table. Entry is open to everyone in supported territories who joins the service and downloads the app before June 25, including those who signed up since the app launched.

You need an Xbox Gold subscription to participate in Virgin Gaming. It offers in-game reporting of match results, a skill ranking system and secure payment facilities. It has 2 million members.

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