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Victim of Xbox Live phishing scam gets refund, account restored

Microsoft has restored the Xbox Live account and refunded all unauthorized charges accrued due to a "phishing scam" XBL user SusanT suffered when her account was sold to the highest bidder on a Chinese website.

"While we do not ordinarily comment on specific cases, Microsoft can confirm that the account in question has been reinstated to its rightful owner and all unauthorized charges are being refunded in full," a Microsoft spokesperson told Kotaku.

The customer, whose account was not locked by Microsoft has promised after contacting customer service several times on the matter, is just one of many reports which have surfaced over the last few months regarding unauthorized Xbox Live account access.

The spokesperson said that in light of the various issues with XBL accounts, the firm is currently reviewing its procedures, as the online safety of Xbox Live members "remains of the utmost importance, which is why we consistently take measures to protect Xbox Live against ever-changing threats."

"However, we are aware that a handful of customers have experienced problems getting their accounts restored once they've reported an issue," the spokesperson continued. "We are working directly with those customers to restore their accounts as soon as possible and are reviewing our processes to ensure a positive customer support experience."

The MS representative went on to repeat previous statements made by Microsoft officials, reiterating that "there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service."

You can read Susan's account of her latest interaction with Microsoft through here.

In the meantime, change your passwords, don't use the same log-in anywhere else, and use point cards to buy products from the service instead of your credit card or PayPal for the time being.

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