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Valve: Portal 2 console versions to be "identical," but PS3 to be better updated


Now, now, 360 owners. If you're gonna point those pitchforks anywhere, you'd best press them right against Microsoft's throbbing Adam's Apple.

"If you bought the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and put them side by side you can see they're identical games. The actual content is the same too across all platforms," Valve writer Chet Faliszek told CVG.

Unfortunately, there's still a fair deal of red tape around Microsoft's online certification process, and Valve's no exception to the winding maze of rules.

"With the PS3 we can update more often, we don't have to have someone else gate that ability. We can play between the PC and PS3 players because we can update more frequently," Faliszek explained.

"So from that end as gamers we always look at what we would want and how we wanted it and on the PS3 we've been able to deliver a lot of the things we would like to see."

Basically, Faliszek was just confirming what he already told The Gaming Liberty last week.

So then, it's nothing personal. But if you give Valve the tools to do something, you can bet that they'll do it. Us, we're gonna vote with our wallets and hope Microsoft realizes that it's high time that it makes a change for the better.

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