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Valheim: How to find Haldor the merchant, and purchase Ymir flesh

Here's everything you need to know about Valheim's only trader.

One of biggest hits of early 2021 that's still going strong in 2022, Valheim is a survival game all about finding resources and crafting your own tools — but nevertheless, sometimes you just have to buy the things you need. Enter Haldor the trader, Valheim's premier (not to mention only) merchant character.

Haldor is the exclusive source of a number of items in Valheim. This includes the ultra-rare crafting resource Ymir flesh, several unique pieces of armour, and — for some reason — all the game's fishing tools.

On this page, you'll find information on Haldor's location in Valheim, the items you can buy from him, and how you can acquire coins to pay him with.

How to find Haldor the merchant in Valheim

Because Valheim is procedurally generated, it's impossible to say for sure exactly where Haldor will be in your game. To make finding him a slightly less impossible task, he will only ever spawn in the Black Forest biome.

Unfortunately, the Black Forest is one of the larger regions in the game, so finding Haldor is still no easy task. Keep an eye on the map as you explore this type of ecosystem: the first time you enter a 2km radius of Haldor's location, an icon showing a bag or sack will pop up on the map to indicate where he is.

Mercifully, Haldor is only notionally a travelling merchant. In practice he'll set up camp in one spot and stay there for the duration of your game, so you can always return to him. His base of operations is also surrounded by a magical field, meaning you're safe from attack while you conduct your business with him.

Worst comes to worst, and if you're thinking of starting a new world at any point, you can check out some of the best Valheim seeds. One of which wil spawn you right by Haldor!

What can you buy from Haldor the merchant in Valheim?

As things stand, Haldor's stock is pretty limited. However, he's currently the only source in the game for the items he sells.

Valheim is still in Early Access, so expect Haldor's range of goods to expand and change over time, as well as likely becoming less exclusive.

Right now though, you can buy the following items from Haldor, provided you have the coins:

Item NamePrice (in coins)Used for...
Fishing Bait (x50)10Combined with the Fishing Rod, allows you to obtain fish to eat.
Yule Hat100Equipped as Helmet Armour, but actually a festive-themed cosmetic item.
Ymir Flesh120Crafting material needed to make the silver mace (Frostner).
Fishing Rod350Allows you to obtain fish to eat. Equipped as a two-handed tool.
Dverger Circlet620A perpetual light source (essentially a head torch), useful for exploring dungeons. Equipped as Helmet Armour.
Thunder Stone50This item is one that's needed for crafting the Obliterator.
Megingjord950Adds 150 weight to carrying capacity (essentially expands inventory). Equipped as Accessory Armour.

How to get coins to pay Haldor the merchant in Valheim

Haldor will only accept one form of payment: coins. Why he's so keen on them when he's apparently the only person in Valheim who recognises this form of currency is a mystery.

Coins can be collected by looting them from chests and dungeons. Killing troll enemies will also yield some coins as part of their drop.

However, while Haldor won't let you pay with anything else, he will buy a few items off you in exchange for coins which you can then give straight back to him.

Rubies, amber, and amber pearls are precious stones found in various dungeons throughout the game. They have no use outside of trading with Haldor, who will give you somewhere in the region of five or ten coins for each valuable gem you sell to him.

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