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Valheim players are dragging carts behind boats so they don't have to build bridges

Iron Gate’s survival-RPG, Valheim, has taken the world by storm. But as the game gets more and more popular, creative players are finding interesting ways to bypass the game's mechanics.

Enterprising players in the hit survival game have figured out that you can easily move carts full of goods from island to island by attaching them to boats – rather than using resources to build bridges and transport them via land.

Since the survival game is heavily inspired by Norse mythology, it stands to reason that Valheim has a vast selection of boats and longships that you can use to explore the world – but in various threads over on Reddit, we're seeing players attach their carts to longships and boats instead.

I can also improvise, adapt, and overcome. from r/valheim

For players worrying that they'll get all their precious materials plundered by the serpent that likes to ambush players in open waters, fret not; the big bad sea creature only appears in the ocean biome. When it comes to small waterways on the Valheim map, you should be safe (just be aware that the serpent can spawn in ocean biomes and come at you if you're in range in another biome).

If you're curious to try this trick out for yourself, you're in luck; we have everything you need to know about how to build and upgrade boats in Valheim so you can attempt to cart your gear around this way instead.

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