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US News Wrap, September 24 - What Happened Today

The biggest news of the day, by far, was Star Wars: The Old Republic finally being handed a release date. Because of this, I finally broke down and pre-puchased the game. I now have $12 to my name. Thanks, EA. Thanks a lot.

Other than that, Johnny attended many a developer session at the EG Expo today. You can get caught up on all that through the feature links, and the lovely box out in this post.

Right. I am off to eat some left over chili I made last night. It tasted great I might add, and will be even hotter and even more tasty tonight. Thank goodness I have boxes upon boxes of Zantac. I am going to need it to keep my stomach from spontaneously combusting. If anyone ever wants my chili recipe and can handle hot, drop me a mail and I will hand over my culinary secrets.

See you on Tuesday.

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