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EG Expo: Ray, Greg talk BioWare – SWTOR dated, more

This will be the big developer session to be at from Eurogamer Expo this year. The Doctors are in the house, and are giving you your prescription of all things BioWare, from Mass Effect 3 to The Old Republic.

Ray Muzyka, CEO of the now newly-made EA label, and Greg Zeschuk, group creative officer of the company, will be giving a live talk on the company in general.

The talk was originally due to be about The Old Republic only, but this has now expanded into a full general session on BioWare itself, so expect Mass Effect 3 and maybe the new Dragon Age II DLC to be in play here, as well as the upcoming Star Wars MMO.

Seriously, Ray and Greg are two of the most insightful people in the games industry today, so for you to miss this if you're going to be at the show would be, quite bluntly, stupid.

But if you're not here, get reading below.

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