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EG Expo: Arkham City kapowed, Catwoman demoed

During the EX Expo, Rocksteady's community manager Sarah Wellock and Noel Chamberlin held a session for Batman: Arkham City. Johnny attended it, and liveblogged the happenings. Get caught up on what you missed by not being there below.

Rocksteady showed the game demo from E3 at the start, which was also playable on the showroom floor at the Expo, and it showed the caped one beating up on criminals and interrogating the last conscious one.

A Riddler trophy was found, which will be one of a gazillion in the game, apparently, and then Batman started beating up more bad guys because that is just how he rolls.

After this was finished, Batman ended up at the spot where his parents were murdered when he was a child, and this is when Hugo Strange started teasing him. Batman leaves to go after the Riddler, which results in another Riddler trophy along the way.

Once he finds out the location of a hostage from The Riddler, Batman goes to the secret spot to get the hostage, which is a shop full of traps, and finds The Riddler waiting on him in projection form. Batman starts working his way through the shop, trying to avoid the grinders, electric floors and other nasty death-inducing devices along the way. The Riddler portion of the demo ended with Batgel being used to blow stuff to bits.

The Penguin part of the E3 demo was shown, before teasing a new feature where Batman can fight over 30 enemies at once.

Challenge Maps where shown, featuring "fur rounds of increasingly difficult thugs." The first round had fellas carrying knives, the second contained armored foes, and the third one showed the freeze grenade in action before the final round was shown.

Some of the predator maps were shown, along with a map featuring a steel mill where players will need to get rid of guards as quickly as possible without being seen.

The first challenge map was shown again, but instead of Batman running it, they demoed Catwoman in action. And that was that.

You can read up on Johnny's liveblog below.

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