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Uplay service to arrive on Wii U sometime after launch, says Ubisoft president

The Uplay online service will arrive on Wii U sometime after launch, according to Ubisoft, and the firm says it also plans to support the Ninendo Network in the process.

Speaking with Polygon, Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot also said the firm will "likely" sell its retail titles through Wii U's eShop as soon as support for the option is implemented by Nintendo.

"We hope to have a good connection with their systems because Nintendo has been very open to us and allowed us to use our systems to communicate with our customers," said Guillemot. "It's a good system. As soon as it's possible, we will [sell games through it.]"

Ubisoft is also in discussions with retail regarding the sale of codes for its full retail games.

"It's something we are discussing with the different retailers because we think sometimes when people go to the shop, they want to get information on what game to buy and also how to play it and so on," added Guillemot.

"So the retailers are really bringing something that can help them sell the right games so they have a good experience."

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