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Updates to Officer profession, Galactic Civil War in the works for Star Wars Galaxies

ewok festival of love

In Star Wars Galaxies' January producer's letter, Tony Tyson has detailed some new concepts in the works for the game's Galactic Civil War system.

According to the letter, balance issues are being looked into along with city invasions and some space-based goodies as well.

The Officer profession is also getting an update along with a new melee ability, more troop strength, the ability to equip some really cool Mandalorian armor and more viability for carbine users.

New Veteran Rewards are also in the works, with one having "something to do with profession respecs, and the other will be resource related," wrote Tyson. The rewards will also be tradable in case "none interest," players.

There's also Galactic Senate nominations coming, bazaar updates, and the Ewok Festival of Love in February which has a few extra goodies added over last year.

Get all the updates through the link up top.

Thanks, Massively.

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