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SOE content development continued through outage

Sony Online Entertainment has resumed service, and boy, has it been busy while we were away.

In a series of eight "Welcome Back" letters on the official SOE blog, the leaders of various games made a number of announcements and reveals.

Lorin Jameson, executive producer on DC Universe Online, announced a new game director for the MMO - former art director Mark Anderson.

Game Update 3 is still to be fully detailed, but Jameson took the opportunity to highlight an Oolong Island hard mode alert; featured character Ra’s al Ghul; new content featuring Two-Face, the Penguin and Clayface; and the special event Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing.

Everquest II chief David “Smokejumper” Georgeson said the launch of Children of War will be delayed so it can enjoy sufficient testing time, and commented on the development team's activities during the down time, which included mapping out a series of mechanics changes over the coming year. The first Everquest also saw a bunch of changes, as detailed by Thom Terrazas.

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics lead Mark Tuttle said the game's first expansion is in the works, and detailed a few small updates to gameplay.

Todd Carson said the Clone Wars Adventures team also took the time to focus on upcoming content, including Galactic Forces.

Still in the Star wars realm, Tony Tyson said new content Bounty Hunting in Space and Galactic Civil War 2 – Space Update were the Galaxies team's priorities.

Free Realms lead Nick Parkinson teased new items for the recently added Farming, and the upcoming Ranching, which will allow you to raise unicorns, apparently.

Finally, the PoxNora group, led by Luke Bultman, moved into new digs in San Diego over the break.

SOE's servers were taken out in an attack last month which saw user details snaffled by hackers, but are now back online.

Details of SOE's Welcome Back package, which compensates players for downtime, can be found here.

Thanks, Massively.

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