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Who cares about Universal Orlando's Super Nintendo World, the Dark Universe is back

Back from the dead!

Universal has confirmed that its new Epic Universe theme park will be launching in 2025, including Super Nintendo World, and more importantly, the Dark Universe.

While it was originally supposed to open last year, Super Nintendo World, as part of Universal Orlando's Epic Universe theme park, was delayed to 2025. That park is still set to open in 2025, but Universal has offered us our first proper look at the park and all of its themed worlds, including some concept art of what we can expect Super Nintendo World to look like. Mostly, there's not that much to go off of - there's an image of the entrance, which looks like it leads you through a warp pipe, a cute looking cafe complete with stained glass windows, a gift shop, and what the overall park will look like in a conceptual rendering.

I'm sure it'll be lots of fun when it does open, but who cares, because something much funnier has happened. The new park has four other worlds you can visit, one simply called Celestial Park, which doesn't have any theming to it, a Wizarding World area, a How to Train Your Dragon area, and most hilariously of all, a Dark Universe world. For those of you that don't know, the Dark Universe was Universal's attempt at creating an MCU style connected universe with its monster movie IPs. That famously collapsed, leaving behind a Twitter account with two posts, the second one showing an image of Tom Cruise, Javier Bardem, Russel Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Sofia Boutella, with the caption "Witness the beginning of a Dark Universe."

We obviously did not witness that happen, as it was seven years ago, and never panned out. But, clearly someone thought they should dig through the freezer and found some old leftovers that still should be good, or in other words, some executive probably said "we can still use that branding, no one remembers the Dark Universe." I do. I remember it, and I'll never forget (I'll probably forget).

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