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Sony leaks: Uncharted movie similar to National Treasure but more "intense" and not as "silly"

Sony Pictures wants the Uncharted film to be similar in tone to the National Treasure franchise, but not as soft or silly, and with deeper romantic storyline than the Nicolas Cage films.


The information on the upcoming film was pulled from emails and database files derived from the Sony Pictures hack last year by North Korea. The documents, which are now posted on Wikileaks, were poured over by Gamespot, and below you will find a few highlights.

Note that some of the information below contained within the leaks may no longer valid. Mark Wahlberg for instance is no longer attached to play as Nathan Drake and The Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal has stepped into give the screenplay written by David Guggenheim a bit of polish.

  • The script "never feels goofy or silly"
  • It will feature a better romantic relationship between Nathan and Elena that the one in National Treasure. The relationship between the two is "a lot sexier and more fun as the romantic tension in National Treasure was pretty lame."
  • Uncharted will be "intense and more engaging for adults," but will appeal to young teens as well.
  • The movie will be a "really fun summer adventure film" similar to the Tomb Raider films with a mix of Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code)thronw in for good measure.
  • Director Seth Gordon is exited over the project and sent a small concept trailer and pre-visualization of the opening scene to Uncharted.
  • When Mark Wahlberg was attached, he wanted less green screen and more on-location scenes as he wanted Nathan Drake to be more Jason Bourne than Indy Jones. Apparently, director "Seth Gordon agreed."
  • Gamespot noted a $15 million package for Wahlberg to appear in Uncharted was discussed, but it wasn't revealed whether the deal was ever offered to the actor or not.
  • Other actors considered for the role of Nathan Drake were Chris Hemsworth (Thor) Channing Tatum (Magic Mike).
  • Australia and Mexico and a sound stage in Toronto were noted as possible filming locations.

That's just some of the information posted on Gamespot, so you can find out more if you read through the report. The site also has inks to the Wikileaks database, which includes pages from the script and emails pertaining to the film's development between executives and those attached to the project.

Currently, the film is slated for a June 2016 release. It will be produced Arad/Atlas Entertainment in conjunction with Sony and Columbia Pictures, and as previously reported and noted above, it will be directed by Seth Gordon.

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