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Ubisoft wants Wii U to sell more units before it makes more exclusives

Once Nintendo sells more Wii U systems, Ubisoft will make more game exclusive to the console, according to chairman and CEO Yves Guillemot.

Speaking with Kotaku at E3, Guillemot said the firm's focus regarding the consoles has changed, after releasing ZombiU exclusively on the system at launch.

"We need more sold," Guillemot said. "hey are coming with five of their biggest brands ever. And the Yen went down. So maybe they will take steps that will increase the number of consoles sold.

"Our job is to be agile. We have to adapt the company to the potential of the market. So, what we did last year, was we knew we could learn second-screen with Nintendo, so we went full-speed to use this capacity the console was bringing. And we were able to develop Rayman, which will come at the end of this year and which is fantastic, using this second screen.

"What we saw is that, in learning that, we can also use it with the other consoles with [Xbox 360] Smart Glass, for example, and it’s a good option that is coming to us. If you look at us this year on Wii U we will have a lot of products."

So while the firm is still supporting the system with multiplatform titles, the shift in its confidence in the system can be seen with the once exclusive Rayman Legends going multiplatform.

Once Nintendo moves more consoles, which it surely will when Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Wii U comes out, Ubisoft will respond in kind.

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