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Ubisoft removes constant connection requirement from controversial DRM


Alternate title: "Ubisoft removes 'controversy' from controversial DRM.'

2010 - for those who were alive way back then - was a dark time. Among other things, Justin Bieber hadn't died in that tragic though unproven assassination where everyone coincidentally wasn't looking. Also, Ubisoft's DRM was a pretty big deal. In a nutshell, it forced players to be connected to the Internet at all times if they wished to keep their favorite games up and running. And if your connection dropped? So much for your relaxation hour. Instead, a stress headache! Yay!

Fortunately, Ubisoft seems to have finally heard the disenfranchised cries of PC gamers the world over. PC Gamer's discovered that the constant connection requirement has joined the Virtual Boy, Zelda CDi games, and about three-fourths of the Sonic franchise in bad game idea hell. However, you'll still need an initial connection to validate your install, but after that, it's smooth sailing even if your connection drops.

So far, Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction have been confirmed to loosen up Ubisoft's iron grip. We're waiting on a response from Ubisoft concerning other DRM-ed titles, though.

Back in August, Ubisoft announced that obnoxiously acronymed RTS RUSE wouldn't trouble players with the infamous DRM, but then told us that future Ubisoft PC games would still be locked up all-too-tight. Now, however, that might not be the torturous life sentence that many gamers figured it would be.

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