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Ubisoft not decided on Xbox One pre-owned restrictions

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that the company has not yet decided whether or not to side with Microsoft's Xbox One used game restrictions.

GI.Biz reports that Guillemot spoke with select press during a dinner event on Sunday night.

When quizzed about Ubisoft's approach to the console's restriction, Guillemot replied, "What I like is because they are not taking a fee, it will give us the option to work out what service we have to give.

"It's a good thing they are not taking any fee. We have not decided yet; we are waiting to see what Sony will do, and then we will decide after that. For us it is too early to take a position on that; we are really watching what the three players are doing."

He added, "I think it's good Microsoft gave us their position, so we actually know what they are going to do."

Meanwhile, Sony has confirmed that PS4 will not block used games at all. It will also let gamers swap out the system's internal hard drive freely.

What do you think Ubisoft will do? Will it side with Microsoft's pre-owned charge, or will it steer clear of the restrictions?

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