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Tuesday shorts - EA lost fans over Dragon Age 2, lots of other things

It's the week after E3. There are a lot of stories on the internet that are relatively minor. And here they are.

  • "Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will probably release in 2012," says Eurogamer.
  • "Sequels are unfairly criticised," id's Todd Hollenshead told EG at E3. RAGE, obviously, is going franchise.
  • Dead Rising 2: Off the Record's going to cost $40 in the US. That's Eurogamer again.
  • EA "lost some fans" with Dragon Age 2, EA's Frank Gibeau told Eurogamer last week.
  • Gamepot is to release Wizardry Online globally. There's a press release here.
  • Resident Evil: Revelations has a "spooky mansion," according to this Siliconera story. There are a few more details on the 3DS game through there.
  • GDC Europe's 2011 Independent Games Summit will include "lectures from Amnesia's Thomas Grip, B.U.T.T.O.N. developer Douglas Wilson, and many more," says Gama.
  • "The upcoming zombie games from Undead Labs are aiming to give players a feeling of genuinely surviving in a world ruled by shambling corpses," says Massively. And there we are.
  • "Wii U '50% more powerful than PS3/360'," is CVG's headline. This is based on an analyst at E3 talking to "some developers".
  • Cut the Rope has won the 2011 Apple Design Award for Best iPhone Developer Showcase. Here's a press release.
  • "Google removes 10 malware-infected Android apps targeting Angry Birds users," says Venturebeat.
  • "3DS video services promises surprises every day," says CVG.
  • Shadow of the Colossus had an unused ending. See a sketch of it on Andriasang.
  • "If 'COD MW3' is a Hollywood-ish action play, 'BF3' is more like documentary," says Hideo Kojima in this semi-garbled long-tweet.

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