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Tropico 5 takes to the seas in new Waterborne expansion

Tropical island dictatorship sim Tropico 5 is about to get a lot wetter.


Tropico 5: Waterborne arrives as DLC on December 17, and is the first major expansion to the latest in the simulation series.

The expansion focuses on coastal structures, and introduces water traffic for the first time in Tropico's history. In includes a new campaign with six scenarios, as well as integration with existing sandbox and multiplayer modes.

Here's a PR blurb from Kalypso:

"Build brand new off-shore alternatives for defence, food, energy, entertainment and even housing. Organise and co-ordinate transport to production buildings like the Oyster and Kelp farms, construct tidal power plants as an eco-friendly alternative to nuclear power and build luxurious floating apartments. Launch military submarines to bolster your naval forces - or create an exotic bathysphere attraction to compliment your bustling tourist paradise."

Thanks, Blue's News.

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