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Tropico 5 PS4 delayed, Mac and Linux out now with PC cross-buy

Tropico 5 has arrived for Linux and Mac, but console fans are still waiting - and will be for quite some time.


Tropico 5 is coming to PS4 and Xbox 360 in addition to the Linux, Mac and PC versions, but while the Xbox 360 version is still on track for November, the PS4 release seems to have slipped.

In the latest press release, Kalypso said the PS4 version is due in "early 2015".

Oh well, at least the Linux (SteamOS) and Mac versions are out; check Steam or the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store version has cross-play with the Steam release, which is both unusual and nice, and therre's cross-buy with the PC version, too.

Here's a new trailer for the tropical island dictator sim, which I love.

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