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Trion holding Summer of Savings sub plan for RIFT

Trion Worlds is holding a summer subscription offer through July, which will save folks some money should they purchase an annual sub for RIFT.

Monthly subs are also on sale, with each offer saving you between 18 and 40 percent depending on which offer you choose.

If you go the three-month route, you will pay only $12.29 compared to $14.99 a month. You will be billed $36.87 every three months.

Going the six-month route will net you even more savings, with the sub costing you $10.29 per month (31 percent off), with $61.74 being charged to your card or bank every six months.

Finally, the biggest savings of the lot is the annual sub, which cost you $107.88 right off the bat; however, that breaks down to $8.99 a month with a savings of 40 percent.

The deal is similar to the one offered to RIFT founder accounts when the MMO launched last year, and is similar to other plans offered in the past from other online titles.

More information is available on the game's official website.

Thanks, Ten Ton Hammer.

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