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RIFT's Beyond Infinity update adds two 20-player raids, more hairstyles

Trion Worlds have detailed the latest update to their enduring MMO RIFT, which adds a couple of new 20-man raids, another five player dungeon, cross-shard dungeon finding, a bunch of new PVP ranks most importantly, more hairstyles. Sadly there's no information about which hairstyles they are yet, although there's some lore behind the rest of the features below the jump.

So the reason that all this is happening is that some guy or place named the Dendrome has had its secrets revealed and that secret turned out to be a big statue called "Inyr'Kta: Hive Queen of the Architects". Naturally, she's planning to assault all the other planes of existance with other titan-forged colossi like herself, which I imagine requires something called the Infinity Gate, which might well the fateful god engine that everyone knows first drew the Blood Storm to Telara.

Some straight up dawg named Uriel and his mate Kira are going to have a race to open this gate, which remember, drew the Blood Storm to Teleara, and you should join them so you can travel to the Plane of Earth, where I'm reliably informed a dire reckoning of sorts will go down with the forces that "lie beyond" that plane, although it's not yet clear how you'll get to them.

As has become pretty standard with MMOs these days, the main raid instance for this update will be initially locked behind player progression through the updates other quests and raid content. Apparently it will involve going "beyond infinity" to another plane of RIFT where everything looks slightly more hellish and you sabotage the plans of a dragon, which seems intrinsically worthwhile.

For PVP players, you can now level up more! And Hairstyles. MMO updates are weird like that.

Thanks, Massively.

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