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Total War announce at GDC "like nothing we've done before" says dev

Here's a bit of a surprise; The Creative Assembly will unveil a brand-new Total War game at GDC tomorrow.

The news comes via the Twitter of lead game designer James Russell.

"Very excited that in my GDC talk tomorrow, I can announce a new Total War game in development - and it's like nothing we've done before," he said.

The mention of "like nothing we've done before" rules out historical periods already visited. the new project could be science fiction, modern day, or particularly ancient history - but it may also be something designed for a new platform. To date, the Total War series has graced PC and iPad - could a console effort be in the works?

It's also worth noting that The Creative Assembly is working on a licensed Aliens game, and thanks to a deal between Sega and Games Workshop, has a Warhammer game in the works. It also picked up Relic in the THQ auction, so may have a Warhammer 40K title inbound as well.

The Creative Assembly is currently working on Total War: Rome 2, which is due on PC later this year and seems quite enough to be going on with without this enigmatic project. We'll find out at GDC tomorrow I guess. But for now, it's just a mystery.

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