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Tony Hawk 5 is probably the name of new console Pro Skater game [Update]

Tony Hawk 5. It's happening. Get hype.


Update: Activision has told Polygon that 'Tony Hawk 5' is a working title.

Original story: So Tony Hawk has a new console game in the works.

That's a thing we've known for a while. We not only know it's happening, we know it's happening this year. We know it's happening on PS4, at the very least. Tony Hawk tells us about it every February, in fact.

But now: we may know its title, which is Tony Hawk 5.

The news comes via chef Joe Youkhan, who shared an image taken at an event he's catering for the pro skater.

The original instagram post seems to have been deleted now, but screengrabs have been widely shared, and clearly show "Tony Hawk 5" on a screen in the background. It could be a clever fake, or just a working title, but let's go with it for now.

Thanks, Polygon.

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