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Tony Hawk game headed to PS4 this year

Tony Hawk came through: there is a new skateboarding game coming to consoles.


Tony Hawk's latest game will release on PS4 in 2015, the pro skater announced during Sony's CES 2015 keynote in Las Vegas today.

Hawk said the project is much further along than he anticipated when he first teased it in November last year.

No real details were given, or even the game's full title. We don't know if it'll be a full disc release or a downloadable game.

Sony did not explicitly state the new game is a PS4 exclusive, so it may yet turn out to be multi-platform. That Sony is promoting the title by hosting its initial announcements may indicate Activision has cut a deal with PlayStation for exclusive content and marketing, as it did with Destiny (and has repeatedly done with call of Duty and Xbox).

Sony doesn't usually invest a great deal of energy in gaming during its CES keynotes, but CEO Kazuo Hirai did take time to celebrate PlayStation's success, on the back of the announcement that worldwide PS4 sales have passed 18.5 million.

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