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Tonight’s E3 Nintendo press conference - where can I watch it?

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Microsoft put on a beast a show at E3 last night, leaving Nintendo to step up to the plate today. With Sony following directly afterward, the Japanese firm is under pressure to make it count. And it almost certainly will. Rumours are running hot: a new DS, Animal Crossing and a new Punch Out!! have all been mooted, and all being well, the scene is set for Nintendo to deliver a classic press conference in LA today. You want to watch it. You have to. Luckily, we're here to show you how.

When does it start?

Nintendo’s E3 press conference starts today at 9.00am PST. That’s 5.00pm BST. Sony will follow at 11.30am PST. All E3 conference timings are listed here.

Where can I watch it live?

The Gamespot feed crapped out for the MS conference last night, but the IGN stream held up with nary a whimper. Do as you will.

Will you be updating throughout?

Yes, providing Mike doesn't die. We'll bring you total coverage of all the announcements from Nintendo's press conference. No one will have more news. You can chisel that on our gravestones.

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