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Todd Howard wants console players to experience the glory of PC mods

Bethesda's head of everything Elder Scrolls wishes that the dirty console peasants could experience the glory of the PC modding community.  Hah! Silly man!

In all seriousness however, when speaking with Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton at E3 this past week on the subject of modding, Howard remarked:

"If I ran the video game world... all consoles would be exactly the same way [as PCs]."

Perhaps the next console generation will allow for mod creation and sharing?  Who knows.  In the meantime be sure to check out all of the great Skyrim mods on the Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus.  Let's hope they give way to great DLC ideas that Bethesda will implement for all Elder Scrolls gamers, be they glorious or not.

"Dawnguard", the first of many promised Skyrim DLCs, will be available this summer.

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