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UPDATED: more Titanfall Xbox 360 gameplay videos & screens emerge

Titanfall Xbox 360 hadn't been seen in public until last night, when live gameplay emerged on a Twitch stream.

UPDATE: More videos have emerged, this time of Titanfall Xbox 360's opening sequence and training missions:


The clip was uploaded by EliteXbox360Gaming yesterday, and shows a battle on the Boneyard map.

Here's another, courtesy of Jan ChillOnXbox.

NeoGAF member Javac has also taken a series of low quality screens from the Xbox 360 build. Bear in mind that these aren't HD screens, but you should get a better feel of what to expect. They're below.

It follows confirmation that Titanfall Xbox 360 will require a 1GB install when it launches this week.

It's out April 8 in the States, then April 11 across Europe.

Via Kotaku & MP1st.

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