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Titanfall: PC vs Xbox One gameplay comparison videos

Titanfall's PC and Xbox One editions have been stacked up side-by-side in video format by our very own Sam Clay to see which version has all the graphics.

You can also check out our in-depth Titanfall hands-on preview through the link, we ask if Respawn's shooter truly can convert console fans to Xbox One.

Sam's put together a playlist of all our Titanfall gameplay videos from EA's most recent event. It's all fresh footage, shooty and full of big robots. You can't lose really.

Here's our video comparisons between Titanfall on PC and Xbox One. See if you can spot anything out of the ordinary and let us know what you think below.

For those interested, the PC is running off a Geforce GTX 780Ti GFX Card - mouthful.

Titanfall hits PC and Xbox One March 11 in the States, then March 14 across Europe. It's delayed on Xbox 360 by two weeks.

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