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Titanfall from Respawn coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Respawn Entertainment's title in the works with EA is called Titanfall, per the July Game Informer, which is available through Google Play.

Brought to the Internet's attention by a NeoGAF user, Titanfall is slated for PC and Xbox One, with an Xbox 360 version "being developed by someone else," - this last bit was rumored back in April.

According to bits from the article, the FPS isn't coming to PlayStation platforms due to the small team at the studio, and it and wanted to focus on creating "the best possible product."

"Not to say we won't [go multiplatform] in the future, but for our first game we wanted to focus on making the best game we could," said the firm.

It also apparently uses the cloud "a bunch" for dedicated servers as well as physics and AI calculations. It will also make use of Smartglass integration, contains "some level of" Kinect support, a campaign multiplayer mode, regular multiplayer mode, and a single-player mode that hasn't been revealed yet.

The game will apparently "blur the line between competitive multiplayer and single player."

The cover, which you can see through the links and below, shows a lady standing on what appears to be a large mech of sorts, shooting it.

Back in April rumors stated the game would be exclusive to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is also supposedly a multiplayer-focused shooter with no offline mode - thus the line above regarding use of the cloud. This has all been confirmed through the article in Game Informer.

Matches are said to support up to 16 players as well as AI-controlled enemies, such as Titans - giant exoskeletons described as quite agile - basically the mech-looking thing on the cover. Battles were described as "David vs Goliath" scenarios. Humans are called pilots, and the mechs, obviously, Titans.

These can be player controlled or commanded to guard an area or follow players around.

Only a certain number of these mechs can be brought onto each map, and infantry have the equipment needed to take one down if necessary.

Pilots have various weapons at their disposal, and Respawn went for a "District 9 or Blade Runner vibe" with the game.

Rumors from April also stated the game uses the Source Engine - and according to the article this is true because building a new engine would have "taken too much time."

The article also discusses the formation of the studio and a bit on its firing from Activision.

GI also asked if Xbox One's 5GB of GDDR3 RAM available to developer was an issue compared to PS4 and its 8GB DDR5 available to developers. GI said what Xbox One lacks in RAM, it makes up for it in cloud computing.

The game will have "unlimited dedicated servers" which will offload "a few dozen AI" and game physics. The game would be "impossible without the cloud" and Respawn "wouldn't have attempted it," according to the GAF post on the article.

EA filed a trademark for the title back in April, and we fully expect the firm to reveal the game during its E3 conference on Monday.

Then again, with it coming to both Microsoft consoles, it could appear during its conference instead.

Titanfall is slated for a spring 2014 release.

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