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Tim Schafer admits he once pirated a game


While celebrating Double Fine's 20th Anniversary on its blog, Tim Schafer admitted that he once pirated a game from former employer Lucasfilm Games before he started working there.

Despite that, he still got the job, as we all know.

"I called David Fox right away and scribbled all the notes you see while I was talking to him. I told him how much I wanted to work at Lucasfilm, not because of Star Wars, but because I loved, "Ball Blaster."

"Ball Blaster, eh?" he said.

"Yeah! I love Ball Blaster!" I said. It was true. I had broken a joystick playing that game on my Atari 800.

"Well, the name of the game is Ball Blazer." Mr. Fox said, curtly. "It was only called Ball Blaster in the pirated version."

While Tim does not condone constant pirating of his games, he said once is fine, but multiple times is not.

"Now, if you've ever pirated one of my games you don't need to feel bad, because I did it to Lucasfilm Games when I was in high school," he wrote. "Of course, if you've pirated two or more of my games, that's a different story."

More through the link.

Via Kotaku.

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