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TikTok user replaces their car's steering wheel with Mario Kart Wii wheel, doesn't crash

This custom "Wiiata" probably isn't the safest thing to drive around in.

A TikTok user has modder their car so that uses a Wii steering wheel attachment as the car's actual steering wheel.

Important disclaimer on this one: don't replace your steering wheel with a Wii steering wheel accessory.

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Last month, TikTok user Tyler Atkin, known as Ttptng, posted a video showing them modding a Wii steering wheel accessory, replacing the actual wheel of their car with it. Typically, you'd use the accessory while playing Mario Kart, but obviously Atkin had some ideas.

Soon after, Atkin actually went for a drive using the steering wheel, which they called a "horrendous experience," which isn't much of a surprise considering the wheel was designed more to deal with bananas than tarmac.

If you think that's where the story ends though, of course it isn't. Later on, Atkin replaced the gearstick with a Wii nunchuck, which overall seems like a much less dangerous thing to do.

What started as a somewhat innocent project that's mostly a bit of fun led the TikToker towards making a full on Wiiata as they refer to it as, replacing the floor mat with the Wii Fit yoga mat.

But why stop there? There's more parts to replace, and on July 6 Atkin replaced the handbrake with a Wii baseball bat accessory, which like everything else did need an amount of customisation.

And finally, the cherry on top of this lawsuit waiting to happen, is that Atkin took out the radio of the car, and replaced it with an actual Nintendo Wii, which does successfully turn on, though with no screen it isn't functional quite yet.

Atkin does seem to be posting regular updates on the Wiiata on their TikTok, so perhaps this isn't the end of the saga. Perhaps it's only a matter of time until Nintendo takes this as an opportunity to bring its accessories back.

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