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Thursday Stream: No One Expects the USgamer Inquisition!

Come join Kat as she tours Dragon Age: Inquisition at 4pm PT, and maybe win a free copy of the game as well!

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Sorry for the headline, it's been running through my head for weeks now.

Anyway, while I still haven't finished my review of Dragon Age: Inquisition (it's almost done—promise!), I'm still happy to offer a non-spoilery tour of the some of the late-game content. And since I have an extra of the game lying around, I'll be giving it away at the end of the stream to anyone who correctly answers a bit of Dragon Age-related trivia first. Sorry, Xbox One version only.

Watch live video from usgamernet on

If you haven't been following Dragon Age: Inquisition too closely, you can check out our thoughts so far right here. I also took the time to write up a look at the series so far. For the most part, we like it!

As usual, we stream every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on a rotating basis. When we're finished, we post archived streams on our Youtube channel. And of course, follow our Twitch channel. See you in Ferelden!

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