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THQ: Rubin says back catalog to be sold "in the coming weeks," Bilson speaks

THQ president Jason Rubin has said the firm's remaining assets, which include its back catalog of titles, are to be sold off "in the coming weeks" as part of the Chapter 11 process. Meanwhile, the firm's former president, Danny Bilson has commented on the sale of THQ's IP and studios.

Speaking with Game Informer, Rubin said the remaining assets would be sold via a "separate process," which would take place in "the coming weeks."

Rubin also partially blamed the current market for THQ's woes, stating that if the firm were to have been able to stay intact, it could have thrived in a mostly digital marketplace

"I believe that in the near future, digital distribution and alternate business models will bring a greater percentage of dollars spent on games back to the publisher/developer," he said. "Based on that change, in a few years, a THQ would be able to survive, and larger publishers will be even more profitable.

"The next few years of transition are going to be incredibly challenging for all AAA game companies. "

Rubin also added that the prices each IP and studio went for at auction weren't indicative of the overall value, stating that those who try to "judge the quality of the products by the price paid are doing themselves no favor."

He also said he felt Vigil not being picked up was "a travesty," and had he not been barred from purchasing himself due to SEC regulations, he would have "been there with his checkbook."

Over on Polygon, former THQ president Danny Bilson told the site he "felt" for the "many talented people who have suddenly lost their jobs," in all territories, as well as "the very creative game makers at Vigil in Austin."

"It's a loss for gamers everywhere when a company that has invested tremendous resource in the art form over the years is suddenly gone," he said. "In the end it means less games and less choices for all of us who love to play. If there is a bright spot, it is that the games that were well under way will get the funding they deserve to be completed.

"The studios and projects that were acquired should yield great experiences for years to come."

For everything related to the THQ auction and a bit of its history leading up to the sale, you can read over our report here.

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