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THQ registers web domains for Saints Row 4, and mysterious 1666 project

THQ has registered new website domains for not only the next Saints Row, but its 1666 project which popped up back in March via a trademark application.

The Saints Row domains are rather obvious: and, pointing to the SR3 expansion Enter the Dominatrix which will be enveloped into Saints Row 4.

Domains for 1666 include and

According to Superannuation, it has been speculated since the trademark popped up that 1666 referenced the Great Fire of London, but adding Amsterdam to the domain kills that bit. Super notes the year 1666 was when the Second Anglo-Dutch War - or the Four Days Battle - occurred, but "nothing of note happened in Amsterdam during the year."

"The only other possibility that comes to mind is an Amsterdam Avenue, which does have a 1666 address — and the number in context of an address seems to evoke a horror subtext," said the Internet sleuth. "Could 1666 be a new name for Guillermo Del Toro's InSane?"

It's possible, however since it's all just speculatory for now, we'll just have to jeep guessing until THQ announces something or someone spills the beans.

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