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THQ "really" wants to publish more Double Fine games, but money's the deciding factor


THQ may be doing its darndest to turn over a new leaf, but unfortunately a "new strategic and creative vision" isn't free.

"I really wanna do a lot more with Tim [Schafer]. I've always been a huge Tim fan. Grim Fandango to me is one of the greatest works of art in gaming," THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson told Joystiq.

Despite that, however, THQ's current deal with Tim Schafer's diabolical laugh-engineering facility only covers Costume Quest and Stacking - two of Double Fine's four planned downloadable games.

"There's a few more that I've identified, but I haven't made those deals yet," Bilson continued. "We've gotta get some hits rolling so I have more money to spend, to be honest with you."

Now take a look at that fresh new paycheck just waiting to be cashed. Ask yourself, who needs it more? Your boring old family or Tim Schafer? Did your family make Psychonauts? There. We just answered the question for you.

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