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THQ: PSN outage had little effect on the firm

THQ executive VP and CFO Paul Pucino told attendees at the Cowen and Company Technology Media & Telecom Conference today that the PSN outage only had a "marginal" effect on the firm.

"The way I like to think about it with respect to PSN is like a deferral of revenue moreso than a loss of revenue," he said, via Gamasutra which attended the conference. "I think a lot of people will just have to wait before they get online and download the stuff they want."

Pucino said he's also looking forward new console hardware such as Nintendo's Project Cafe and the possibility of PS4 being in development, both of which would would provide new investments on the software side of things.

However, what Pucino is looking forward to the most, is the day when digital becomes more feasible from a technological standpoint and subsequently more profitable.

"That's going to work itself out at some point and we'll see a significant shift," he said. "It's a concept we like quite a bit. It's very much like the Asian model."

THQ expects its digital end to become more significantly profitable by 2014.

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