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THQ excited by Tyson's inclusion in WWE '13

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Speaking to VG247's very own Dave Cook, THQ's Corey Ledesma has told how the publisher is excited to have controversial boxer Mike Tyson on board for WWE '13.

THQ has spoken of its excitement to be bringing back "Iron Mike" to the world of video games, with WWE creative director, Corey Ledesma telling VG247, "We’re excited to have Mike Typson on board, he hasn’t been in a videogame for a very long time and what’s really cool is that one – he played such a cool part in the Attitude era of the single player campaign, and that timeframe back then.

"He was such a big star at that time – well he still is a big star – but at that time he was around his peak of popularity, and for the WWE to introduce a character like that was a really bold and ambitious statement.

"At the same time it’s just cool to introduce a character that’s so different from all the other WWE superstars and divas in the game. He’s a boxer, so he’s got a really cool move set of haymakers and hooks and punches that really sets him apart. He’s really fun to play."

Mike Tyson has had a chequered past, but despite a criminal conviction in 1992 and the controversy surrounding the Tyson Vs Holyfield bout of 1997, the 46-year-old boxer remains popular due to his prowess in the ring.

VG247's full interview with Ledesma can be found elsewhere on the site.

WWE 13 arrives on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 on October 30 in the US and November 1 in Europe.

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