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This Gaming Life goes on sale: buy it

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RPS's Jim Rossignol's book, This Gaming Life, is now on sale. This means you have to buy it. From here:

This Gaming Life, published by The University of Michigan Press, is about gamers and their relationship to games. It’s a ripe barrel of essays on gaming, as filtered through the lens of my own international travels and videogaming obsessions. Reporting from London, Reykjavik and Seoul, I investigate all kinds of gaming, especially that pesky PC gaming that I keep banging on about via the interweb. I muse on Nintendo-trained surgeons, Quake III zealots, military propaganda, Will Wright, Eve Online, cute girls in pink dresses, Starcraft in Korea, Chinese online riots, prosthetic reality, science fiction, Henry Jenkins, unemployment, boredom, obsession, our enemy Boris Johnson, and Okami. I’ve never worked so hard in my entire life.

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