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There will be a charge for some Burnout DLC, says Ward, but massive plans are afoot

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Criterion's Alex Ward just got in touch to clarify some comments he made on the company forums about Burnout Paradise DLC last night. We ran a story with the headline, "Criterion confirms all Burnout Paradise DLC will be free": it appears we jumped the gun a bit.

"I stated yesterday that access to the new downloadable islands in Burnout Paradise would be free," Ward told videogaming247. "That’s not to say ALL of the downloadable content we are working on will be free. We will charge (price TBC) for some stuff. What’s important to know is that we see DLC in a totally different way. So far, with many games, DLC has been secondary ‘extras’ type stuff, a different costume in an RPG, a different car in a racing game, and so on. We see DLC as significant additional content which expands the game experience. We see it as continuing to develop the game which we worked on. Taking it further almost to the point of making a new game.

"New game modes are very important to us, but it’s about more than that. Expect more details soon, I’d love to say more but we’re still working on this stuff."

We stand corrected. And excited. Corrected and excited all at once.

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