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There isn't "a need for a re-look," at Vita says Sony's House

SCE president and group CEO Andrew House doesn't think Sony needs to pull a Nintendo by dropping the price of its new handheld in order to sway the market in its favor. At least, not yet.

Speaking in an interview with MCV, House said even with a bit of a slow start, there isn't "a need for a re-look," at Vita as Sony proved during E3 the system can "deliver very differentiated ‘only on Vita’ extensions of great console games."

"We thought we gave Vita a good shout during the conference. We demonstrated by highlighting things like YouTube, that there is commitment to give the range of network services, making sure that it has a multi-functional aspect," he said," and then I think there is another opportunity, a sort of third pillar to the strategy, which is how we can fully take advantage of a digitally connected device.

"To explore access to different kinds of content and new content models – starting with PSOne and leveraging the assets that we already have. I joked that the movie studios have been doing this for 50 years. And we as an industry are starting to get to grips with that."

House said due to the "very competitive space," in the market, Sony needs to put more emphasis the various experiences which "define and differentiate Vita."

"That is always going to be one of its objectives. But there needs to be a reinforcement on that," he explained. "It is for us, the first truly networked portable device in our proprietary gaming space, there is a need to think more broadly about the implications of that for our business model, and to think about how the consumer wants to acquire content."

House said that over 20% of content on Vita is being delivered digitally, proving to Sony that the consumer has "an appetite in this space."

"It just creates a need for us to think through our business model in a broader way than before."

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