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The Witcher 3: Woodland Beast Contract

This is an easy way to earn a pass to Novigrad and complete a contract.

The Witcher 3: Woodland Beast Contract

North of Hanged Man's Tree and Mulbrydale signposts is a noticeboard just ahead of a bridge that serves a small island. Here you'll find the Witcher Contract Woodland Beast.

Speak to the Captain of the Guard standing next to the noticeboard and he'll offer you money and a pass as a reward. Head on over to the where the carts were attacked and begin to use your Witcher senses.

You'll be attacked by Alghouls, and realise that maybe this wasn't a monster attack after all. Follow the tracks once you've gone over the bodies. It'll lead you through some swampland and Drowners which you'll have to fight before picking up the trail again.

At the top of the hill you'll get to confront the elven archer. When his men attack he'll stay back and fire arrows, but if you position yourself you can use the trees for cover while you deal with his men. Once his boys are down just deal him some sword justice, loot his Squirrel Tail and return to the guardpost captain.

He'll give you some crowns but more importantly a Letter of Safe Conduct which will grant you entry to Novigrad, the top half of the map.

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