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The Witcher 3: White Orchard's Undiscovered Locations

There are a lot of Undiscovered Locations in White Orchard. Here's a guide and advice for all of them.

The Witcher 3: White Orchard's Undiscovered Locations

Undiscovered Locations in The Witcher 3 can be split into self-explanatory categories: Monster Nests, Guarded Chests, Bandit Camp, Abandoned Site, Places of Power, Treasure/Scavenger Hunt and Spoils of War. A handful turn out to be genuine Secondary Quests, which have their own pages in our guide.

Places of Power in particular are crucial to leveling up Geralt. The first time you visit each one and draw from it you'll gain one point to be spent on Geralt's stats. You can spend them on Combat, Signs, Alchemy and General upgrades. There are six Places of Power in White Orchard, so before you go off on the main quests, we recommend using the guide below to find them and quickly and easily upgrade early in the game.

Open up the main map and you'll see lots of questions marks and signposts. The following guide uses signposts and locations such as the pub and Herbalists house to navigate to each question mark.

Head directly west of the Sawmill signpost and there's a small outpost (Abandoned Site) that can be liberated from Ghouls for 20 EXP reward. There's a grindstone here to temporarily enhance your weapon for 15 minutes. Just press X near them, your blades will become sharper, and it doesn't cost a thing.

Directly north of this Abandoned Site you'll find a Bandit Camp populated by deserters. Take them down and loot their gear for cash and a few other goods.

North West of the Bandit Camp you'll find Guarded Treasure. There are a fair few Drowners here. They can be tricky beasts to tackle as they bury themselves in the ground and disappear. Look out for a Water Hag too. If you kill it make sure you take its fangs for alchemy. A good trick here is to use the Igni sign to light the poisonous gas and deal extra damage but be careful you don't set yourself on fire.

North of the Herbalists house you'll find a Place of Power. There's a lot of wolves in this area, so be wary as they can be troublesome when they gang up on you.

North of The Mill signpost is a Place of Power. Defeat the Wraith here and enter the chapel, where you'll find guarded treasure. You should find the Gildorf Sword here on the body of a dead soldier, as well as some other weapons so equip what's best for you.

East of the Nilfgaardian Garrison are two Undiscovered Locations right next to each other. One is a monster's nest which you should destroy, the other is a Place of Power.

Out on the lake to the east of the Nilfgaardian Garrison is a boat half submerged in the water. Dive down here to find some Spoils of War.

North of Woesong Bridge and Ford signposts you'll find a Hidden Treasure marker. It's only guarded by a Warg and a handful of wolves, and it's here you'll find the Dirty Funds Treasure Hunt quest.

If you head north to the uppermost small bridge marked on the map you'll see an Undiscovered Location. By the side of the river there's a dead soldier who you should search to find a key which starts the Temerian Valuables Treasure Hunt quest.

Way north of the Ford signpost you'll find a spy camp with plenty of loot.

North of the Crossroads signpost (or east of Clacker Bridge) you'll find a monster's nest (Ghouls, again), which you should destroy for 20 EXP and a Place of Power. Draw an Ability Point from it.

East of the Crossroads signpost is a Ghoul nest which can be easily destroyed for another 20 EXP.

South of the Broken Bridge signpost you'll find two Undiscovered Locations. The first (directly south) is a PLace of Power so make sure you draw from it as it's unguarded. Just to the west of that you'll find a Bandit Camp. There's bits and bobs to loot here so have a dig around.

East of the Abandoned Village are three Undiscovered Locations. The one near the mouth of the stream (which leads to the lake) is Guarded Treasure. Use the explosive barrels to your advantage and take down the Drowners.

East of the Abandoned Village on a path is an Abandoned Site (it's a shrine). Clear out the Ghouls here and you'll earn 10 EXP as the locals return. A travelling Herbalist will set up shop here too, but he's not as well stocked as the one in White Orchard.

Also to the East of the Abandoned Village is a Place of Power. This one is guarded by a big angry bear with loads of stamina. Be sure to chip away at its health and avoid any of its big sweeping blows because it will knock you on your ass.

If you follow the main path East out of the Abandoned Village you'll come to a bridge. Underneath is a Smuggler's Cave so raid it for all the loot.

In the woods south of the Ford signpost you'll find a Bandit Camp. Kill these guys and take whatever they have, which isn't likely to be much.

Just south of the Ranksacked Village sign is some Guarded Treasure. You'll find it half buried in the sand and guarded by Drowners. Take them down and expect to find a good haul of loot.

West of the Ransacked Village signpost you'll see an Undiscovered Location in an abandoned building. This is the Amavet Fortress Ruins and it's hard to access. You need to make your way West of the question mark and look up at the brick building. You should see a broken wall leaning against the outcrop. From here you can climb up the Ruins, but be careful. At the top is a bandit camp. Kill all the enemies here and you'll receive one part of the quest Viper School Gear Scavenger Hunt.

Between the Ford and Crossroads signposts is a small bridge and you'll find a Bandit Camp with a handful of deserters. Show 'em who's boss.

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