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The Witcher 3: The Volunteer

A strange and easy quest concerning a troll and some paint...

Pick up this quest around Oxenfurt, west of the Western Gate signpost.

Go over to the island and scout out the area and you'll find White Eagle Fort. It's here you'll find a singing Rock Troll.

I honestly don't know what this conversation is about - guarding boats, eating peasants - but eventually the gurgling idiot wants you to bring him some paint.

Head back to the Western Gate signpost and up to the north of the town where you should talk to the merchant. You can buy paint off him for 16 crowns, then go back to the Rock Troll at White Eagle Fort.

When you give him the paint you can choose to either paint the insignia yourself or let the troll do it. This completes the quest, where your new buddy will give you a bunch of diagrams for creating new armour.

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