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The Witcher 3: The Griffin from the Highlands Witcher Contract

This Witcher Contract is only available as part of a high-level secondary quest.

The Witcher 3: The Griffin from the Highlands Witcher Contract

Suggested level: 24

This quest is available as soon as you reach crow's Nest, but is quite hard and part of a secondary quest which is of no use until you reach a high enough level to be able to equip Superior level Witcher Gear armour.

Where to find The Griffin from the Highlands Contract

The Griffin from the Highlands is triggered during the Master Armorers secondary quest, which is available from the armorer in Crow's Perch.

You'll be asked to fetch a particular component, which just so happens to be harvested from Archgriffins - and there's a contract on one in the highlands.

After grabbing the contract from the notice board, head to the woods north of Crow's Perch. Clear out any pesky bandits and use Witcher Senses in the search area to find body parts, claw prints and a feather.

When you're ready to fight the beast, head up to the hilltop to face it at its nest. Don't forget to loot it for the trophy and the acid you're after.

Take your trophy to the Quartermaster in Crow's Nest (opposite the armorer) for a reward, then go back to the armorer to continue the parent quest.

How to kill the Archgriffin

Three words: Aard, Aard, Aard. This battle is far easier if you are wearing light armour or using potions, abilities and decoctions allowing you to regen stamina quickly, so that you can spam Aard. Flying creatures tumble to the ground when hit with this blast. It's terrific.

Grapeshot also works really well on the beast, allowing you to get in a good combo before it recovers from the shock.

Otherwise, it's standard fare - get on its flank and circle with it. Use of Hybrid Oil is highly recommended.

How to make Hybrid Oil

Hybrid Oil is one of the easiest alchemy recipes in the game - it's made with Dog Tallow (harvest from wild dogs and wolves, or buy at alchemists) and White Myrtle. This large bush is easily spotted via its bevy of white flowers, and it grows practically everywhere. You ought to have picked up dozens of them in White Orchard, for example.

If you want to upgrade to Enhanced and then Suprerior Hybrid Oil, you'll need the following:

  • 1x Ursine Tallow – kill bears or buy from herbalists
  • 1x Alchemy Paste – common loot or buy from herbalists
  • 2x Eyrnia Eye - kill Eyrinias (a type of Harpy)
  • 2x Ginatia Petals - large bush in all regions
  • 2x White Myrtle Petals - large bush in all regions
  • 1x Hornwort - moss found by or underwater in all regions bar White Orchard
  • 1x Bison Grass - buy from herbalists
  • 1x Byronia - vine found in Whire Orchard and Skellige
  • 1x Albedo - buy from herbalists or craft

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