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The Witcher 3: Return to Crookback Bog

It's a family reunion of sorts, but don't expect a happy ending.

The Witcher 3: Return to Crookback Bog

This secondary quest will only trigger once you've completed all of Family Matters and reported back to the Baron, who asks you there and then for help freeing his wife from the Crones.

Head over to Downwarren and meet with the Baron, and follow him and his men through the swamp. You'll be attacked by Drowners on the way, along with Rotfiends and Water Hags.

At the huts you'll be able to help the witch hunters finish off a group of Drowners. After searching the huts, you'll find Anna, and then have to face off with a large attack of monsters. Take out the Drowners and the Water Hag quickly, as a Fiend will also approach.

Fiends are vulnerable to Relict Oil and Samum and Devil's Puffball bombs. This one shouldn't be a massive threat, but if you become hypnotised during the fight (via the Crones' magic) just stay out of its way until your head is clear again. Once killed you need to go find Johnny.

At Johnny's den you'll have to see off another bunch of Water Hags and Drowners, then search the area using your Witcher Senses. Follow the footsteps and you'll find Johnny under a wooden shelter.

  • If you freed the beast under the Whispering Hillock, after talking with Johnny go back to the huts and open the cellar door on the right inside the building. At the altar you'll have to choose between voodoo dolls. Go through the reasoning for each but pick up the one with the flower. Go outside to see Anna's fate.
  • If you killed the creature under the Whispering Hillock, there's nothing to be done for Anna - but the Baron and tamara agree to try anyway.

Head back to Crow's Perch to see the Baron and collect your reward. On entering the courtyard you'll see the consequences of your actions, and the quest is over.

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