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The Witcher 3: Patrol Gone Missing Witcher Contract

Track down some lost Nilfgaardian soldiers in this out of the way Witcher Contract

The Witcher 3: Patrol Gone Missing Witcher Contract

Suggested level: seven.

Patrol Gone Missing is a reasonably easy Witcher Contract available as soon as you enter Velen (No Man's Land). For best results, track it down before you've levelled up too far, as it's very easy to miss by not exploring the map during your first pass through this region.

Where to find the Patrol Gone Missing Witcher Contract

To access this Witcher Contract you must travel to the Nilfgaardian Camp in the far south east corner of the Velen (No Man's Land) map. The quest is available on the Notice Board outside the Quartermaster's tent. The Quartermaster is the quest giver, so interrogate him to gather the details - ask him about work.

Your goal is an abandoned camp to the northwest, across some very boggy ground rife with Nekkers. The camp itself doesn't reveal much - signs of a rapid exit and a trail of footprints leading to a scent trail. As you follow the trail - watching out for more Nekkers, human bandits and possibly bears - search around to spot some Draconid musk.

The trail eventually peters out at a poisoned corpse. Geralt's seen enough - he knows the threat is a wyvern. Prepare yourself for the battle, which begins when you follow the trail a little further.

Return to the Nilfgaardian Quartermaster after taking a trophy from the beast to claim your reward.

How to kill the Wyvern

The Wyvern is most easily brought down using the Aard sign. Like all its kind, it's highly vulnerable to this telekinetic attack; hit it with Aard just as it swoops on you, or just after dodging its attacks, to bring it tumbling to the ground. You can then put the boot in a bit (rolling into range if necessary), and then escaping as it clambers to its feet.

If you are brave or over-levelled, you can be less cautious, circling it and attacking its flanks as you would a bear. If you try this, Yrden is a great help.

The Wyvern can inflict poison, but there are two potions you can use to counter this. Golden Oriole will prevent its poison attacks from adding to your toxicity level as well as clear existing toxicity, while White Honey will simply clear accumulated toxicity.

The bestiary recommends using Grapeshot against Wyverns, if you're handy with bombs, and you should, of course, apply Draconid Oil to your silver sword.

How to make Draconid Oil, where to find Ergot Seeds

If you have acquired the recipe for Draconid Oil it's pleasantly simple to make, requiring just two ingredients: dog tallow and ergot seeds. Dog tallow can be harvested from wolves, and is very common. Ergot seeds can only be purchased from Herbalists, unfortunately - it doesn't grow anywhere - so visit your favourite supplier. Examples include the Herbalist you meet during the main quest in White Orchard, the Peller and Keira Metz.

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