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The Witcher 3: Missing Brother Witcher Contract

An end-game Witcher Contract. Not for the faint of heart.

The Witcher 3: Missing Brother Witcher Contract

Suggested level: 33

Missing Brother becomes available pretty early on in your travels but wow, yeah, you really want to leave this one alone until you hit level 25 at least.

Where to find the Missing Brother Witcher Contract

Missing Brother is advertised on the notice board at the Inn at the Crossroads, your very first stop in Velen. Having read the notice, speak to Bruno inside the inn itself - he's seated at a table around the corner.

Bruno sends you to an old mine to the northeast, past a huge nest of Nekkers. Look for the hut and boat at the edge of the river, and use Witcher Senses to to find some corpses and some huge tracks. Gulp.

Follow the tracks into the mine, and drop down into the water. Head east and climb onto dry land to pick up the trail. Continue on until you pass a loot crate and reach a room full of blood, then move on to the northeast until the path splits.

Take the right fork, diving into the water, and looting the crates on the way if you fancy. When you surface again, you should be able to find a new trail with your Witcher Senses. geralt decides the beast must be an Arachas.

Before following the scent trail, use Aard or Igni to destroy the four egg sacs and save yourself a heap of trouble. Of the two exits visible if you face west, take the left fork and battle the baby Arachas before destroying four more egg sacs. Go back to the main room and look for another exit filled with water; pass through and take out four more egg sacs. Trust me, this was worth the time.

From the hub chamber, head northwest and then west to reach a larger chamber, where you'll fight the beastly Harrisi. The battle begins as soon as you use Witcher Senses to locate the body of the man you've been sent to find, so be ready.

Once Harrisi is dead, take a trophy and return to The Inn at the Crossroads for your reward. You'll need Axii level three to get the full amount, as Bruno turns out to be a skinflint.

How to kill Harrisi, the Arachas

The battle with Harrisi is much, much harder if you didn't destroy the egg sacs in previous rooms, as he'll be able to summon adds on the regular. You'll have to face a few no matter what you do. When they turn up, try to get them away from the bigger beast and take them down as a priority, or you'll suffer a death of a thousand pinpricks while battling Harrisi.

Harrisi fights the same was as most insect enemies so use the by now very familiar flank-and-dodge-in-a-circle technique to stay out of its way. It hits hard, so good armour and Quen are useful, but it's the venom that really gets to you. Try White Honey to clear existing poisoning or Golden Oriole to both clear and prevent poisoning.

Bombs aren't much use here, and nor are signs, although Yrden is a bit of a help. Make sure you've got some good Insectoid Oil.

How to make Insectoid Oil, where to find Ranogrin

To brew Insectoid Oil you need Ranogrin, a herb found only in Skellige. It's a small flower found in fields and forests. Check herbalist inventories for it if you're having trouble. You'll also need Dog Tallow, commonly looted from wild dogs and wolves and stocked by herbalists.

Harrasi is such a trial that we recommend upgrading to Superior Insectoid Oil if you have the recipes. You will need:

  • 1x Ursine Tallow - kill bears or buy from herbalists
  • 1x Alchemy Paste - common loot or buy from herbalists
  • 2x Endrega Heart - kill Endrega
  • 2x Puffball - mushroom found in all regions bar White Orchard
  • 2x Hornwort - moss found by or underwater in all regions bar White Orchard
  • 1x Bloodmoss - red moss found by or underwater in all regions bar White Orchard
  • 1x Ranogrin - small flower in fields and forests in Skellige
  • 1x Honeysuckle - tall bush with pick flowers found in all regions
  • 1x Hydragenum - buy from herbalists

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