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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Wine Wars: Belgaard

Settle the score between rival vineyards in Toussaint.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Wine Wars: Belgaard

This quest is suitable for Level 37 players and up, and can be found on the Notice Board outside the Cockatrice Inn - that's the inn where you first head after exploring the nasty scene on the shore after arriving in Toussaint and battling the giant. The notice board can be accessed immediately after the story scene in this inn, as soon as you're turned loose on your own to go investigate a body. From this point you can wander off and find a lot of side quests - so if you want to abandon Blood & Wine’s main plot for a while after this, you can.

This quest will kick off in earnest when you follow the quest marker to a place where an auction is taking plce. A pair of NPCs are bickering over who gets to buy Belgaard, a prominent vineyard. They're being blocked from making the purchase for a few reasons - all of which are absolutely the sort of thing Geralt can sort out. Agree to help - when you do, you'll get a second offer. The gist is that both these people have problems at their current vineyards and must solve them to be allowed to buy the new one. Who will you help?

This quest only exists to give you the next two quests - one to help Vermentino, and one to help Coronata. Once the scenes are over, they’ll both pop in your quest log. You can tackle one or both of these quests – though if you follow both to their conclusion, as detailed in our guides, you’ll get some extra content. See how to access all that in the pages linked below.

Return to Belgaard

After you've finished the Vermentino, Coronata and Deux in the Machina chapters of this side quest, you'll return to Belgaard. The second part of the Wine Wars: Belgaard quest is designed for Level 42 and above, and triggers automatically if you accept Liam and Matilda’s requests at the close of the Deus in the Machina quest.

In order to reach this point you will have had to already complete the Vermentino and Coronata quests and thus you’ll be familiar with the format of this quest – there’s five different objectives spread about the map, and the completion of each will strengthen the Belgaard Vineyard. You can tackle them in any order, but here’s what they are:

Problem 1: Dragon Trouble
Welcome the Slyzard, a new enemy type for Blood and Wine. This is a dragon-style creature and packs a bit of a punch, so consider taking along some Draconid Oil to boost your damage against it. When you kill it, Geralt will meditate and then this’ll be a bustling outpost afterwards. Be sure to nip back inside to grab the Slyzard’s loot, which’ll still be there when you regain control.

Problem 2: Creepy Crawlies
In a sort of arena surrounded by rocks you’ll find Giant Centipedes and a nest. Kill these particularly gross enemies and firebomb their nest to get rid of them – problem solved. When fighting them, be aware of how when they’re bursting up and down repeatedly the centipedes are near-enough impossible to damage – it’s better to hang back and wait for them to remain above ground more fully, then head on in to dish out the big damage.

In the corner of their little nest here you’ll find a dead body with a revealing story note on him as loot.

Problem 3: More Centipedes
In a camp site style area, you’ll find another two centipedes, though these two don’t have a nest. Once again kill these while being mindful of when they’re actually most vulnerable, and then search the area with your Witcher senses. There’s another corpse here who again is in possession of a note that reveals just how messed up the crazed plan to retain control of Belgaard got.

Problem 4: Person in Distress
There’s another person to rescue here, on a beach front. This guy is a useful blacksmith, so after taking care of the large group of bandits holding him, keep in mind you can from then on visit him at Belgaard to get him to fiddle with your gear. When he asks if you’d like to accompany him back, don’t – instead decline and use that opportunity to gather loot.

Problem 5: More Monsters
This is just another basic monster-slaying task – do your work against simple foes and another area will be restored to peace and become a working part of the vineyard once more.

With all these points complete, return to Belgaard Vineyard and report your progress to Liam and Matilda. They’ll give you your reward, but they’ll also ask you to return in three days for one more reward. Either head off and do other stuff or simply do three days of waiting and pick up your final reward. I won’t spoil it, but it’s cute. This will round out this quest line and pop an achievement.

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