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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Wine Wars: Vermentino

Solve the problems facing the struggling Vermentino vineyard.

the witcher 3 blood and wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Wine Wars: Vermentino

This quest is suitable for players Level 37 and up, and is automatically triggered by the simple Wine Wars: Belgaard Quest alongside the Wine Wars: Coronata Quest Line.

When you activate this quest as your current objective, five markers will appear on your map. Each represents a ‘problem’ for the Vermentino vineyard. You’ve got to solve them. There’s no particular order to tackling these, so I’m just going to list them all in the order I found them:

Problem 1: Rotfiends
At one of the objective points you’ll find a pretty blue house. Unfortunately, it’s surrounded by Rotfiends. There’s three of them. This shouldn’t be a particularly difficult combat encounter – just remember that when they get to critical health, these beasts explode. When they show the signs of doing this, back right off to avoid damage from their suicidal explosion.

After they’re killed, there’s some miss-able loot and the like around the outside of this house, including the trigger for the Treasure Quest “Don’t Take Candy from a Stranger”.

Problem 2: Archspores
At this objective point in a location by the shore you’ll encounter archspores, the orange plant-like enemies that spew out poison that does a surprising amount of damage. These are nasty buggers, and there’s two of them – but you can take them down. When you do, search the nearby corpses. You’ll find some loot, and complete this part of the objective.

In addition to this you’ll find the suggestion that there’s some foul play courtesy of the folks at Coronata Vineyard in a note on one of the corpses. This pops an optional objective – to search Coronata for proof of the sabotage.

Problem 3: More Archspores
Far inland from the previous set of Archspores, you’ll find another pair. Slaughter them – you’ll know which is this site as Geralt will automatically meditate after you’re done, and after the meditation is over this area will then be populated.

Problem 4: Person in Distress
At this point you’ll find a herb garden under assault from bandits, and somebody held captive. The guy you rescue can sell you stuff or craft stuff back at Vermentino, and if you choose to escort him you’ll be warped back there to make use of his services. He has a few full sets of the basic Toussaint Armor if you want them, which is an early way to dress Geralt up for the region if you fancy it.

Problem 5: Revenge of the Archspores
Yep... it's archspores, again. Just the one this time – and much like the previous site, after you kill it you’ll meditate.

After you’ve finished this, you’ll then be given a choice: Investigate Coronata’s problems (the Wine Wars: Coronata quest) or simply head back to where you got the request to pick up your reward. Doing the latter sees you ‘side’ with Matilda, the owner of Vermentino, which will net a reward... but wouldn’t you rather know the whole truth? To find that, it’s time for the Wine Wars: Coronata quest.

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